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Klaten city located between two cities of culture, namely Surakarta and Yogyakarta. Klaten city there are a variety of Tourism, Tourism Facilities, Traditional Arts, Traditional ceremonies etc. Some of the potential and also the door to the south gerbanbg Tourism located in Central Java.
Implementation of Tourism is very important peragnkat in regional development in the current regional autonomy, in order to create jobs, increase revenues and level the community and introduce local cultural arts and crafts area for the results to be marketed to tourists, both foreign tourists and domestic tourists. The purpose of the book is intended to Know Tourism:
a. Knowing the general description of environmental conditions and carrying capacity of physical and non physical potential of tourism and development efforts related to tourism development in the future;
b. Represents information about the tourism potential of Klaten Regency, which is an input and review of the parties concerned for the efforts to develop tourism in Klaten district;
c. In the framework of tourism development and promotion of information required to be better known by the public.
As we realize together, that the development of the tourism sector has not been as we expected, so it needs the support of all parties to actively participate in promoting tourism in Klaten district.
Profile Hopefully this can give a glimpse of Tourism in Klaten district.A. Regional monographs
Government of the Regency of Klaten was established by Law No. 22 Year 1948 Jo Law No. 13 of 1950, Jo Government Regulation No. 22 of 1950.Inaugural members DPRDS (DPRD While) was made on October 28, 1950 by Resident of Surakarta, Central Java Governor representative.Medium elections DPRDS took place on September 28, 1950, a month before the inauguration.Based on the date of inauguration DPRDS members are then used as a date October 28, 1950 anniversary date Klaten District Government.
B. Klaten Regency area is located between:
East Longitude: 110 ° 30-110 ° 45South Latitude: 7 ° 30-7 ° 45
C. Klaten district is bordered by:
– To the north dengtan Boyolali District;- To the east with Sukoharjo District;- To the south of the district of Gunung Kidul / Special Region of Yogyakarta;- To the west of the Yogyakarta Sleman district.
D. Klaten Regency area is divided into three plains:
North: Terrain slopes of Mount MerapiEast: It lies LowlandThe South: Chalk Mountain TerrainE. Distance Capital Klaten with several other cities:
Surakarta: 36 km from Jepara: 199 kmSukoharjo: 47Km Kendal: 142 kmWonogiri: 67 km Bar: 206 kmKaranganyar: 49 km Pekalongan: 213 kmSragen: 63 km Tegal: 278 kmBoyolali: 38 km Magelang: 73 kmSalatiga: 65 km Waterford: 96 kmHyderabad: 113 km Wonosobo: 135 kmDemak: 139 km Banjarnegara: 157 kmGhost: 164 km Navan: 188KmStarch: 188 km Cilacap: 228Km
F. Klaten District state is divided into three terrain:
– Terrain slopes of Mount Merapi covers an area stretching north Kemalang District, Karangnongko, Jatinom and Tulung;- Lowlands longitudinal center covers all regions in Klaten district, except a small area of ​​meruopakan plains and mountain slopes of Mount Merapi Lime;- Plain Lime mountains stretching to the south covers a small portion south of Bayat district and Cawas.
Seeing that most of its natural state are low-lying and is supported by the number of water sources, the area of ​​Klaten Regency is a potential agricultural areas so that food is a buffer for rice in Central Java and also producer of limestone, stone and sand that comes from Mount Merapi.
G. Administrative Region:
Klaten regency is divided into 26 Districts and 401 Villages / Kalurahan.
H. Population:
– The number of residents in Klaten regency until the end of 2003 amounted to 1,277,297 souls;- A year average population growth in Klaten regency 0.45 compared to 2002%


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organisasi adwindo klaten adalah perkumpulan mas dan mbak klaten dari tahun 2003 - 2011
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